New Treatment for Tendonitis Receives National Attention 

A new treatment for people dealing with pain from tendonitis and similar types of problems is getting national attention.It’s now available here in Maine.”I like to run to stay fit so having this kind of pain in my knee has really made that difficult.” Jeff Nichols works at Mount Deseet Island Hospital, but he’s also one of their newest patients to get platelet rich plasma therapy, or prp.”It’s been used in a fairly wide spread manner with professional athletes. It was featured in the super bowl as being something that was used by a couple of the Steelers. “It’s a relatively new procedure for everyone else. Doctor Mark Kandutsch has only been doing it for a few weeks. “People who have some wear and tear type processes going on in their tendons and joints. Not so much high school athletes with an acute injury. We’re really talking about something that has the greatest use for more chronic injuries.”The therapy involves drawing blood and spinning it on a cetrifuge to separate red blood cells from the platelets. The platelets are then injected back into the site of the injury. “By concentrating those growth factors where the chronic injury is, you can promote the body to heal certain types of injuries that otherwise wouldn’t heal or might take years to heal.”Kandutsch’s practice is only the second in the state to offer the new treatment, but he feels it will become widespread. Doctors say patients are sore for several days, but the recovery time is much shorter than surgery.”The opportunity to have a complete and quick recovery without being laid up is a big benefit.”