A Bump in the Road 

As sure as the seasons will change there’s something else we can rely on as we near the end of winter…that potholes will pop up.These last couple of weeks folks have been noticing them on our roads.”They’re everywhere,” says driver Lana Cray. “You have to be really cautious.”This time of year drivers can expect to find a few bumpy surprises in the road.”When we’re in daddy’s truck, especially, right?” says Karen Willard to her daughter. “Yeah.”Potholes. How bad?”Bad,” says Cray. “Very bad.””Everything in the car jiggles around,” says Willard.While many roads are fine, some are showing the effects of our wild weather, prompting some drivers to meet the likes of Eddie Smith.”I’m a tire guy.”Smith sees our bent rims and blown out tires.”By the time the snow melts, you get the frost heave and big potholes.”Some are easy fixes and will cost you less than 30 dollars to repair. Others mean you’re out a couple of hundred dollars.”If it’s on the side of the tire, we can’t patch it,” he says, “We have to replace the tire.”He says some customers shrug it off, while others are irritated.”Some of them bought brand new tires a couple of weeks ago and went out and hit a good-size pot hole, then they have to replace the tire…which is kind of a bummer.”Bangor Public Works says crews are out working to patch up the potholes, but it’s hard to keep up.So for now, keep an eye out for the bumps in the road and remember – it could always be worse.”When I worked in Belfast,” Smith says, “there was one car that came in with all four tires off the rims. That was pretty bad.”