Tucker’s Tale 

One Bar Harbor man has turned a very sad situation, into hope for countless rescue dogs. He’s a waiter turned author, and he’s telling the story of one very special Cocker Spaniel.”Tucker was one of those dogs that needed some help, he came into rescue healthy, we thought, and just progressively over time he just started to fail.”Christopher Walsh has always loved dogs… but when he took tucker in, the little black and white Cocker Spaniel captured a special place in his heart. When tucker developed lymphoma Walsh was devastated.”It was terrible, four weeks from diagnosis to death.” Says Walsh.He needed a way to express his emotions.”I thought I’d do one of the things I’d done since grade school and I’ll start to write my feelings down. And when I started writing my feelings down it morphed into a book.”In the year since Tucker passed, Walsh was able to get his book published.”It wasn’t written to be a sad story, it’s written to be a comforting story.”Walsh used the poem ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ as inspiration.He says, “The Rainbow Bridge is where your pet goes to wait and they’re healthy and young again and they wait and they play until you go and you pick them up and you walk across the rainbow bridge together.”He hopes the story can be used as a teaching tool.”Tucker’s Tale teachers children a gentle way to take care of dogs, and then it teaches children that they’re not going to be with us forever and just because your pet dies it doesn’t mean it’s the end.”Tucker’s memory will live on in the good his story will do for other rescue dogs. All of the proceeds from Tucker’s Tale will be donated to help rescue dogs nationwide. For more information about Tucker’s Tale, or to buy the book, you can visit their website at’s book will also be sold locally in stores and on To learn more about rescue dogs, or to help one in your area, you can visit or