Lincoln braces for Sno-Cross Races…. 

Snowsled engines will be roaring in Lincoln, this weekend, as folks there gear up for the Tenth Annual Sno-Cross races.But the snow-mobilers won’t be the only ones to benefit rom this weekend’s activities.Local businesses are hoping to cash in on some of the fun, too.”This is our one big fundraiser we have each year.””We have racers from all over New England coming up. We set up so you can run both pros and the guys that run every weekend will show up here. And the guy with a sled in his backyard–he can drag that up, and there’s a class for him. There’s something for everybody.”For ten years, members of the Lincoln Snowhounds Snowmobile club, have hosted their Sno-Cross Races.”They’re putting the spectator stands together, they’ll get the yard laid out, the parking areas all cleared up…the signs up…its a lot of work.””I think the trails to get here will be the best I’ve seen in years. I know the guys were out late last night trying to get all the trails groomed and opened up. Typically we’ll have as many as 200 snowmobiles parked out on the field out there…people riding up, especially if its a nice warm day, so it should be a good turn out.”Club President, Alan Smith, says the event brings the community together, including some of the local merchants.”It’s something that happens and had happened for many years…and it’s something the businesses all count on now.”Lana St. Cyr is a waitress at Gilmor’s Beef ‘N Ale.She says the races bring a lot of people through the area.”I think that the snowmobile races are great because it gets everybody outside, enjoying the snow, instead of complaining about it.””It’s a family affair, you can bring the kids. You have the little 120 races so the little kids are out here playing. There’s good spots for the spectators to see everything. There’s good food in there, and it brings the entire club together.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.Registration for this weekend’s races starts at 8 a-m Saturday and Sunday.The races start each day at 11.There are trophies for amatuer winners.Professional racers will battle it out for 4-thousand dollars in prize money.