Brewer elementary school students give their change for a little girl in need…. 

A 5-month-old from Levant, who suffers from a rare and life-threatening blood disorder, got some help from some elementary students in Brewer.Maggie Rudnicki has been diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia and needs monthly blood transfusions to stay alive.This week, students at the Washington Street and Capri Schools celebrated hundredths day in honor of Maggie.They brought in donations, that equaled 100 or more, to go towards Maggie’s care.Maggie’s grandma, Bernadette Rudnicki, is an ed-tech at the Washington Street School.”I had a little boy come up to me, and tell me that he had lost 3 teeth, and that the tooth-fairy had brought him 3 dollars. I didn’t really know where he was leading…and he said that he brought his 3 dollars in and gave it to Maggie, because he wanted Maggie to be able to get blood every day…instead of just once a month.”The students managed to raise about 850 dollars for maggie, who was on hand to thank them.The Rudnickis say the money will go towards Maggie’s medical bills and the special formula she needs.They ask anyone who wants to help the family to consider donating blood at a local blood bank or blood drive.