The Pelletier Brothers 

Gerald Pelletier logging in Millinocket has been around for more than fifty years.Seven brothers now run the business their father began.The Pelletiers were approached by a Bangor native that now does production for the Discovery Channel and asked to do a television show.They’re getting ready to make their national t-v debut.”When they first came around it was like, we didn’t believe that this was happening after a few months, then they kinda convinced us that it’s the real thing.” Says Gary Pelletier.It is the real thing – and so are the Pelletiers. They’re a family of 8 kids…and all seven brothers are all loggers.Rudy Pelletier says, “Some people say it must be hard to work with family members and stuff, at times it is, but I really wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.”They’ve been followed by Discovery Channel camera crews for the past year. Danny Pelletier says, “Its gonna show the country what the Maine woods is really like.””You have to be prepared when you come up in the woods, you just…anything can happen.” “Hopefully people will really understand when they go to a hardware store and buy a 2×4, they’ll really realize what people had to go through to get it there.” Says Rudy.They say being in front of the camera was hard at first.”We were starting to get used to camera, but it’s still hard on the job site. You gotta think about what you’re doing and they ask questions, ya know. You get distracted a little bit.” Says Larry Pelletier.”It’s not like us to do this ya know working in the woods and it’s been pretty though, kinda stressful in a way.”But they’ve adjusted to the spotlight – and they’re excited for their big night.”Everybody asks me if I could give them an autograph and I look behind me, cause I don’t expect that coming from most people.””When we go to stores and what not, they ask when is it gonna happen? I say well, Friday and that’s all I can tell you, just watch tv.”