Police on the lookout for a vehicle they say was used in a drive-by assault last week. 

Ellsworth Police are looking for suspects after a walk into town turned into a frightening journey for two people from Ellsworth.Authorities say a 24-year-old man and 17-year-old girl were walking on the Surry Road near the intersection of Routes 1 and 172 last Tuesday night when a car approached them.Police say the girl was hit in the chest with an egg. They say someone inside the car then threw something more dangerous when the car returned. “It was a cup of bleach that hit {The Man} in the chest.” Said Ellsworth Police Lieutenant Harold Page. “The bleach went all over him and caused some burns to the face and eyes.”The victims were taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth.The victims say the car was a dark 4-door sedan, and they believe there were three people inside.Anyone with information is being asked to call the Ellsworth Police Department at 667-2168