Monson Elementary School Closure Debated on Wednesday 

On Wednesday night, folks in MSAD #68 got to say what they think about the possible closing of Monson Elementary school.The board of directors is considering closing the school and busing the three dozen students to Sedomocha Elementary School in Dover-Foxcroft.Superintendent Ann Bridge says she hates the thought of folks in Monson losing their school, but financial times are tough. And the district is having a hard time paying close to $300,000 a year to operate a school with less than 40 students. “We’ve never come to the financial straits we’re in: the state crisis, the federal crisis, how that’s affecting folks here.” Superintendent Bridge told TV5 on Wednesday. “We had to cut 650k last year and can’t do that again, so it’s time for that discussion to take place.”If the school board and state Department of Education approve the closure, folks in Monson could still opt to keep the school open. But that would mean they’d have to pay the school’s operating costs. Residents attended a public hearing Wednesday night and asked the MSAD #68 directors to hold off on any decisions for a year.Another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd.