Fire at Frankfort Home 

Fire crews say a wood stove is to blame for a fire in Frankfort Thursday night. Crews from several towns responded to a home on Loggin Road just after 5 p.m. Frankfort Village Fire Chief Earl Anderson says even though it looks like the homeowner took all the necessary precautions around his stove, the area around the chimney got too hot and started the walls on fire. Flames then spread quickly to the eaves. No one was home at the time the fire started.Anderson says when he pulled up to the scene he wasn’t sure if they’d be able to put the fire out in time to save the house.”It just went right up through the walls,” he says. “We were lucky to get it out and with the mutual aid we had. I’d like to thank all the guys for showing up. It really counts.”Crews had to take out an interior wall to put out the flames, but while there is damage, Anderson says it should all be repairable. No one was hurt.