University of Maine Looking for Ways to Save Money 

The University of Maine is looking for ways to save money and would like your help.The “new challenges, new directions* task force, was put together recently by chancellor Richard Pattenaude. Task force members have set up a series of public meetings, to take place on each campus in the system. The first was held at Wells Commons in Orono, Wednesday afternoon.Those who attend are being asked to suggest ways to lower operating costs and develop ways to stay financially sustainable. They’re also being asked for input on the future structure and function of the entire U-Maine system.Anthroplogy archivist Pamela Dean says closing some campuses is an unpopular option but is one that would prevent the duplication of services throughout the university system. Other speakers asked the task force to preserve funding for research, sighting that as a key part of what the university offers.Similar meetings are scheduled for Augusta on Thursday and Farmington on Friday. There will be meetings held on the other campuses next week.