Pharmacy teller thwarts robbery 

A quick thinking store employee helped thwart a robbery at Goggins IGA in Randolph.Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Libery says a woman approached the drive-in window at the pharmacy Tuesday afternoon and handed a note to the teller.It said she was unable to speak.A second note then demanded as many Oxycontin pills as possible, at the highest dose possible, be turned over to her. The note instructed the teller not to call police until five minutes after she left. The woman claimed she had someone in the store and that quote “there would be a blood bath.”The teller told police they did not see a weapon, and therefore chose to close up the drive up window and dial 9-1-1 instead.The woman remained at the window for a few more minutes, then took off.Police say they have several leads in the case.The female suspect is described as being between 40 and 50 years old. She’s approximately five foot two inches tall, and heavy set.She was wearing blue jeans, a jean jacket with a blue hooded sweatshirt and sun glasses at the time of the attempted robbery.Anyone with information is asked to call the Kennebec County Sheriff’s office at 623-3591.