A new home for an old engine…. 

Its not so much the little engine that could, but the little engine that still can.Folks in Veazie are trying to find a new home for an old fire engine.And as Cori Skall explains, they’re hoping to help a community in need, along the way.”It’s just a fantastic little truck, its a great drafting truck, so whether its a large community, or a rural community, it would serve the purpose of anyone, even an island, it would be fantastic.”This fire engine has been in service in Veazie, since before Gerry Martin joined the fire department, 27 years ago.”Its an original Mac, so that means the engine and all the parts are original Mac…our service maintenance program…we did 2 major service runs a year, so its well kept….rust down is, there’s hardly any rust to speak of…running truck, its in great shape.”Recently, the department acquired two new trucks, but with no room to store the old Mac, the town is looking to find it a new home.”Its a great truck, I’d like to keep it, but I really think it would serve the community, we want to keep it in the state of Maine, so I think it’ll serve somebody great.””They wanted to preserve the truck, and hopefully help another community.”Veazie Town Manager, Bill Reed, says the town will be taking requests from any community in the state, that’s looking for a good truck.”We’d be willing to give the truck away to a community that was in need, understanding that at the present time, a lot of communities are cutting back on their capital programs to avoid tax increases.”The town will take requests for a brief period of time, before the council decides where the truck will go.”We can give out good fortune to somebody else, and, as tough as things are, economically, and with the federal mandate, it would give some communities that couldn’t get anything, or only have one piece, a back up, or a lead engine.”The town is asking that interested communities, contact either the Town Manager, or the Fire Chief, at the town office.The number there is 947-2781, that’s 947-2781.The Veazie Town Council hopes to pick a community, by the end of March.