Pittsfield Gas Station Owner Shares Prize with Employees 

A gas station in Pittsfield is now known as one of the cleanest and friendliest in the country.The Dysarts Travel Stop on Somerset Avenue was evaluated by some secret shoppers sent by Citgo. They evaluated things like service, and cleanliness. Dysarts was one of 2,000 stations across the country to get a perfect store. All of them were placed into a lottery, and the Pittsfield store was selected to win the grand prize, a Cadillac Escalade.Instead of keeping the vehicle for himself, store owner Tim Dysart decided to split the prize.”We ended up, we sold it and split the proceeds with the crew at the location.” said Tim Dysart.Co-manager, Stephanie Valente added, “It was more than what they even needed to do. They didn’t even need to do that, it was great that they did it.””Especially at a time like this, we all were so thrilled to get the money, it was not even expected.”, said co-manager Gail Ross.Citgo evaluates their 9,000 stations across the country each year.Now that they have this new honor, the Dysarts store is getting a new look. They’re in the middle of renovations.