Keeping Pedestrians Safe 

This winter several pedestrians have been hit by cars and trucks in the Bangor area. In some cases, those accidents proved fatal. City leaders say that’s just not acceptable. Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer hopes to shed some light on the situation. “For children going to school, and high snow banks and long hours of darkness, this can be helpful,” says Palmer, pointing to a safety light on his lapel.City leaders OK’ed a program Tuesday they hope will make pedestrians easier to see at night. A blinking light, worn on a collar or cap, could help prevent another tragedy.”We had the misfortune of losing a member of our community, Maureen Waltz, in January as a pedestrian fatality.”The new program will be called “Maureen’s Way” in her honor. She worked for Bangor’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.”To lose her in the way that we did has been very tragic,” says Kerrie Tripp, director of the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau. “And I think that a very fitting way to remember Maureen is by helping others. Because so much of what she did every day at the CVB was centered around people.”The safety lights will be free to the public and come at no charge to the city.”Cigna, our health care provider, provided some of these to our employees earlier,” says Palmer. “We approached them to make some more available and they’ve been more than willing to do that.”Bangor Fire Chief Jeff Cammack says, “It gives motorists, and most importantly, pedestrians, a chance so that motorists can see them at night when they’re crossing or walking in the road because the sidewalks haven’t been plowed.”The program will run on a test basis to start. In two weeks you can pick up a light at the Central Fire Station on Main Street. And, city leaders say to remember, even if you are wearing a light, you still need to be careful out there.”Let’s hope,” says Cammack, “We don’t have any more of those tragic incidents from here on.”