Snow Swimming 

For some in Maine, summertime can’t come fast enough.Lounging by the pool sounds pretty darn nice right now. As Joy Hollowell shows us, some kids in Bangor figured out a way to go swimming in the snow.SNOW SHOVELING AND SPLISH SPLASHING SEEM LIKE POLAR OPPOSITES…BUT AT THE BANGOR Y-M-C-A, THE TWO GO HAND IN HAND.”it’s a snow day. Yes, and so all the kids come in in the morning, and we dig out our cars and get here before them.”FOR A DECADE NOW, THE Y HAS OFFERED ITS SNOW DAY PROGRAM TO FAMILIES IN THE AREA. THE WHOLE IDEA IS TO GIVE KIDS SOMETHING TO DO DURING A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL, WITHOUT PARENTS HAVING TO *WORRY* ABOUT WHAT THEY’RE DOING.”we provide all kinds of activities fro them to do, they can participate in our gym program, our swim program, we have arts and crafts as well as science projects.”AND, IT PROBABLY COMES AS NO SURPRISE THAT THE KIDS FAVORITE ACTIVITY IS “”swimming.””because its too cold outside””warm inside”ANYONE CAN SIGN UP FOR THE SNOW DAY PROGRAM AT THE Y. JUST COME INSIDE THE SECOND STREET LOCATION AND FILL OUT AN INFORMATION PACKET…AND WHO KNOWS, FOR ONE BRIEF MOMENT, YOU MIGHT JUST FORGET WHAT’S GOING ON OUTSIDE.JOY HOLLOWELL, WABI TV 5 NEWS, BANGOR.