Log Home Built the Old Fashioned Way 

It seems we’re always trying to find ways to do things faster, but is it always better?One man in Holden thinks building a home using old-fashioned techniques is just the right fit for him.”This is just a style of log home that I noticed near Moosehead Lake and really liked it.”When Robie Robichaud decided to move back to Maine, he picked out a piece of land in Holden. His first thought was to build a home underground, but then he looked up.”It’s on a slope, it’s aimed right and all that. I found out there was a view above the trees and I had to get up there to get it.”He wanted his home to fit right into nature, so he decided it should be a log home. A kit would be easy, but he didn’t think it could provide the raw beauty of building it the old fashioned way.So he hired a crew from Greenville that hand hewns and hand scribes each log, so they fit perfectly into one another.”I thought how did these guys do this”It’s pretty amazing considering many of these logs harvested from Deer Island on Moosehead Lake are 45 feet long. Ground was broken last September, and Robie’s new home should be finished by this summer, but he can already see, the results are beautiful.”Each log is different than the other one below it, and there are a lot of little nooks and crannies and giant walnuts on these logs, that I probably am going to rub it down and put linseed oil on it and just bring it out. To me it’s about the beauty. This is about as natural as natural can be.”