Accident Safety 

Winter weather and slick roads often lead to accidents. When utility poles are hit and power lines are down, sparks can fly. Bangor Hydro says there are about 80 accidents a year involving cars and poles, and drivers could put themselves in more danger if they’re not sure what to do.”Due to road conditions, single vehicle came around the corner, apparently lost control, hitting a telephone pole.” Says Larry Lilley of the Hudson Fire Dept. “I clipped the pole off and I noticed snow dust everywhere and that pole came across the hood and I just braced up for it, I mean what can you do. I didn’t dare to get out. I saw sparks and stuff.” Says Sean Sabine, The driver in this accident in Hudson.He knew enough to stay put – and stay out of danger. Bangor Hydro safety officer John Greaves says there are a few precautions drivers should take if they see sparks fly after an accident. “If the wires are down they should always stay in the car. They should not leave unless the situation forces them to leave. Safest place would be the car because the shuttle of the car kind of protects you while you’re in it.”If you do leave the vehicle, Greaves says you run the risk of electrocution.”Electricity is always looking for the quickest path to ground, so if you step out of your car there’s a really good chance you could complete that path.”He says to be on the safe side, drivers should avoid touching the interior of the car as much as possible. He has some advice for onlookers as well.”Keep your distance. Minimum of 30 feet for distribution wire, like you see around town, that gives you a safe zone. The problem is if you approach the problem, you can actually get voltage between the feet that’s in the ground.”He says the safest thing for everyone to do, is to sit tight and wait for crews to clear the scene.”I’m alright and I’m thankful I’m alright, and that’s all that really matters.”