They Like the Snow 

With more snow on the way, some people are rejoicing. That includes lots of folks who’ve been out enjoying snowmobile trails all over the state this winter.We checked in with one club on Sunday, who says despite tough economic times – their membership is up.”We’re riding snowmobiles!”Beautiful weather brought lots of people out riding this weekend – taking advantage of prime conditions.”The trails have been the best they’ve been in a lot of years,” says Corinth Snowmobile Club President Duane Blanchard. “We’ve got a lot of snow, probably another 2 to 3 weeks of winter left and you can head from here anywhere you want to go.””We came from Kenduskeag, we went over to Hudson to the lake and we’re headed back now,” says James Millet. He stopped by the Corinth Snowmobile Club – also known as the Powerline Prowlers – with a group for a bite of home-cooked food.”We have hamburgers, hotdogs, onion rings, french fries, grilled cheese..and each weekend we do two specials and homemade sweets,” says the club’s “Gram,” Jean Clement.Blanchard says his club is growing, despite the bad economy, since people are sticking to trails closer to home.”With the local economy we’re trying to open it back up and let families and everyone start using it again.”Membership costs 22 dollars. “Ten dollars goes toward your local clubs and the rest goes to the state which eventually comes back to our trail grooming and pays for a lot of what you ride on.””They do a good job with the trails around here,” says Millett.And all that snow predicted for Sunday night…was no worry to folks around here.”I’m looking forward to the next snow storm!” says Clement.”I’m hoping we get a big another big one,” says Blanchard. “And hopefully another one after that.”