Snowmobile Accidents in Levant and Hampden 

Joy Hollowell

Wardens responded to two snowmobile accidents in two days.The latest happened Saturday afternoon in Levant.Wardens say 56 year old Lynden Adams was riding along a trail, when he tried turning left.But instead, Adam’s snowmobile hit a pine tree….He was taken to a Bangor hospital with an injury to his leg….Wardens also responded to a snowmobile collision just after 2 o’clock Friday, in the woods near the Kennebec Road in Hampden.Two riders were involved, one a minor, the other, an adult identified as David Moores…Wardens say the two machines were riding on a narrow trail.They met at a corner, and the skis on both snowmobiles hooked…The juvenile turned down medical attention, but Moores was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.Wardens say there was poor visibility at the time.