U-Maine Researchers Develop Bridge in a Backpack 

University of Maine researchers and students got to show off one of their newest inventions: It’s called bridge in a backpack. The idea was developed at U-Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center.Here’s how it works, the shell of the arch is shipped to the construction site where it’s filled with concrete.The arch is two times stronger than steel, and the shell will protect the concrete from corrosion.The bridge in a backpack technology has already been used to build a bridge in Pittsfield, and today at the University of Maine, dignitaries were on hand to hear, that it will now be used to develop a new company.One of the investors says this new way of building bridges has many advantages including cost and transportation. Their competitors have to deal with the problem of shipping very heavy pieces, while their product comes in a bag you can carry.”Here’s our biggest challenge when it comes to delivery and transportation. We have to make a decision daily, does this bridge in a bag absolutely, positively need to be there tomorrow by 10:30 or could we use UPS Ground.”Researchers were also showing similar technology for building composite pilings and composite beams for bridges.Another company, Harbor Technologies, was on hand to announce they were using that invention to expand their workforce.