Sponsor a Hold at the YMCA Climbing Wall 

The Old Town/Orono YMCA rock climbing wall was built in 1996 as a memorial for an active participant of the Y. It started as a big square room and has grown from there, in big part thanks to the community’s help.Now the Y is doing a “sponsor a hold” drive to better the wall for it’s climbers, and get kids involved.Chelsey Anderson reports.”Hey welcome to the wall! Have you ever climbed before?”Carl Crawford welcomes anyone to stop by the Old Town Y’s climbing wall.”You can climb up 10 feet up a wall, you can climb up 20 feet up a wall. It’s all up to you and your own challenge and what you want to do for yourself.”Crawford says it’s as easy as showing up in comfortable clothing and they’ll provide all the equipment, right down to the shoes.”It’s kinda like when you go to the bowling alley and you get to use a pair of shoes specific for that. Climbing shoes are very specific. They let you grip into things that normal sneakers would not be able to hold.””We replaced our ropes, we replaced our harnesses.””It’s an apparatus that fits around your waist, that the rope is connected to. And it keeps it safe.””We’ll size them and fit them in.”Then you are all set to take on the world at your own pace.”We’re always looking to put more holds up to give kids more options to climb on.”And that, with the help of a cash donation, is how the “sponsor a hold drive” got started.”It can be a dollar, $3, $5, $10 or more and they up the size of the hold.””The kiddo gets to put their name on the back of them and actually stick it up on the wall wherever they want it to go.”Crawford says he’s feeling pretty good about their goal of 300 holds in a month, and he says the best way to make a donation is to come in.”You can see what the wall’s all about. We definitely are willing to show you what we’re doing here and explain what the benefits are.”Chelsey Anderson, WABI TV5 News, Old Town.