Structure Fire in Brewer 

Firefighters say a gas can that tip over, was the cause of an explosive fire on Wilson Street in Brewer last night.Crews got the call just before 6 yesterday.Authorities say a man at the home was working on his motorcycle, when a gas can nearby tipped over…They say eventually, vapors from the gas came in contact with a temporary heater, and caused an explosion.When firefighters arrived, the garage behind a home was completely engulfed in flames.Officials say the fire intensified quickly when it hit gasoline in the garage.Crews were able to extinguish the flames in under an hour, and no injuries were reported.People who live nearby say they ran outside when they heard two loud “bangs”… and saw smoke and flames stretching high into the sky.The fire also spread to the siding on three nearby homes before it was extinguished.The fire grew so large at one point it was visible from bangor.