Pipe Facility 

There’s a new pipe manufacturing facility in Bangor, and it’s really heating up the local economy. Cianbro opened this satellite shop in December, and it’s creating jobs for a workforce of young welders.

Welders, fitters, and quality control officers are hard at work. Over 60 jobs were created for Cianbro’s new pipe manufacturing facility.

“It’s had a great big economic impact to the local businesses and to the local economy.”

Cianbro has created a workforce, they’ve trained 95% of their welders in Maine and brought them in to work at this facility.

“Cianbro invested nearly 5-6 million dollars in training young new welders.”

From prep to painting, these workers do it all. The pipe starts here – where it’s cut down to size, then it heads to the hydraulic saw.

“This is where we put all the bevels on it, put an edge on the pipe so that the welders can weld it together.”

Once it’s beveled sparks start to fly!

“That welder can stand in one position and weld right on the top of the pipe so it’s always at a good position were you can get a good quality weld.”

“Now we’ll come down into what we call final assembly where all the pieces get put together and welded.”

Then they head to quality control. The pipes go through a hardness test, X-ray testing, and a thorough inspection.

“Once everything is cleared the dimension checks and quality control cleared it, then they’ll put they green tape to it.”

Once it has green tape it can be sanded and painted.

“After he’s done all the sand blasting, he’ll start rolling down to the bays and get final paint on it.”

After they’re painted, the pipes are shipped to Cianbro’s Brewer facility and put into place in the modules they’re building there. Cianbro officials say this facility is a pipeline to finding future projects and continuing to fuel the local economy.