Palmyra Grange Hall Moves 

It’s been a fixture along Route 2 since the 18 hundreds.But now the Palmyra Grange Hall has a new home, right across the street.As Cori Skall explains the entire town came out Wednesday, to see it move.”I started talking about it last July, and getting everything set up, and getting everything ready to go, and everything coordinated.””Well, most of the time was involved with putting the steel under it, and getting it lined up, and then spinning it around.”The Palmyra Grange Hall has stood on the side of Route 2, next to what’s now St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, since about 1894.For many years, the Grange has served as a Parish Hall, of sorts.”Well, I graduated from the 8th grade on the stage upstairs, many years ago, and I’ve been going to this Church for the last 30 years, and I’ve poured a lot of coffee on the suppers in the Parish Hall.”But last year, as construction started to repair St. Martins after a fire, the old Grange Hall’s future came into question.”Through conversations with different people in the community, I found out that they were gonna tear the building down, and first I offered them a piece of land on the other side of the road, but that didn’t fit in to the budget so, through conversations, it ended up they gave it to me, and now we’re moving it down the road.”State Representative and Palmyra resident, Dean Cray, says he’s happy to be preserving a piece of the town’s history.”We’re gonna live in the downstairs, and the upstairs we’re gonna try to renovate back to the original, as much as we can.””Its part of our community, and we want to keep the building in this community, and that’s why I want to keep it as original as I can.”Despite a couple of hitches, and some backed up traffic, residents agree they’re glad to see the building still standing, and hope it will be there for many years to come.”Its very very nice to see this done. We were afraid that they was gonna tear it down, or something was gonna happen to a piece of History in Palmyra.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Palmyra.