Maine Discovery Fun 

It’s school vacation week and that means the Maine Discovery Museum is packed with kids and parents looking to have some fun.Amy Erickson has the story.”I’m making a garden. What do you like about finger painting? It’s fun and it’s messy.”Messy was the theme of the day at the Maine Discovery Museum.Little ones rolled up their sleeves and dug right in to some hands-on crafts in the art room.”Pretty messy!””We have different stations set up…sculptures with foam and plaster of paris, one with finger painting, another with clay and things to put in the clay.””I made a spider.””I’m making something for my kitty cat. She’s going to climb up on it and try to get the string.””so I can make a shell with a pearl in it. And what’s the stuff you’re working with called? Machete I think…I’m not sure what it’s called.”Even the moms and dads didn’t mind seeing their kids get down and dirty, since it was all in the name of fun.And museum staffers took care of the mess!”They aren’t allowed to do it at home…this is a good place to do it. We can clean it up and make it a clean room again!””I made it from all sorts of shells and some moldy stuff and things.””I made a sculpture…see right over here? That’s mine!”And though this may look like a big mess these kids are actually putting their creative energy to work.”They can express themselves any way they want. They don’t have anybody saying don’t make a mess on the floor!’ they can express themselves and enjoy their own creativity.””They love getting messy!”Amy Erickson, Wabi TV5 News, Bangor.