Bangor City Council has change of heart about Auditorium marketing study. 

The Bangor City Council has changed its mind and will now fund a new market study on replacing the Bangor auditorium and civic center.”The decision that they made a couple of weeks ago, I think we were all really nervous and tense about, but in talking with the city, and talking with some of the employees over there, I think it became more apparent that they really wanted to be fiscally responsible and make sure things were moving in the right direction, before just doing it.”For years, the Bangor City Council has been discussing what to do with the aging Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center.The council recently voted to reject a plan to spend tens of thousands of dollars on another market and sizing study. The last one was done in 2002.But, they unanimously reversed that decision Wednesday night.”In the process of that decision, a number of concerns came up…first was, is this the right time to do it. Second, were we narrow enough in what we were looking to do here, that would actually produce a detailed road map to go forward.””I think part of the council’s concern is we would get answers that were kind of fluff, or that we want to hear, and maybe not what we need to hear, and maybe not the reality.”City Councilor Rick Bronson says that’s definitely a concern.He says while the dream of a new auditorium is fine, the reality of what its going to take, and what it’s going to cost, still needs to be examined.