A small business in Bangor gets a little bit of good news…. 

Tom Cavanaugh and his wife have owned the business for more than thirty years….

Last fall, they received a notice from maine revenue services stating they’d have to stop mailing in their tax payment, and file electronically, or face a fifty dollar fine for each month they failed to comply…..

Cavanaugh, who has conducted business without a computer for years, says it would have been a major cost for him to update his system…..

So he applied for an exemption, which he got….he then contacted local legislators and the governor…..

&quot:I wish the thing had been, this whole process had been, been open more to the public, and to small businesses…It was done, as far as I’m concerned, behind closed doors….even Senator Rosen had no idea that this rule had been passed by the legislature.&gt:

Cavanaugh says he did hear back from the Govenor’s office, and the maine revenue office….

The M-R-S told him they would not be enforcing the fine any time soon…..

He says local lawmakers have put forth a revision to the law, that would make filing electronically optional, not mandatory.