Gay Marriage Back in the Spotlight 

The Family Research Council held a rally in Augusta about the issue Sunday night.

Folks who attended the rally were there to support the traditional definition of marriage: that of a union between one man and one woman.

Organizers say they felt the need to gather Sunday in order to talk about a new bill proposed by state senator Dennis Damon of Trenton. A bill that would allow people to get married regardless of sexual orientation.

&quot:Not opposed to any individuals, not opposed to any rights and benefits, but we’re opposed to changing the definition of marriage.&quot: Said Bob Emrich of the Maine Jeremiah Project.

&quot:There are thousands of Maine couples and their families who do not have the protections they need to provide security for their families.&quot: Equality Maine member Betsy Smith told TV 5 on Sunday. &quot:And these are the thousands of gay and lesbian couples and their families right here in Maine who are discriminated against because they don’t have the freedom to marry.&quot:

Senator Damon’s bill would also recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

Right now Maine does have a domestic partnership registry that’s open to gay couples.