Four Day Week Shelved, For Now 

Members of the education and cultural affairs committee held a session on Monday to hear from the public.

The plan would count the school year by hours, not days.

Supporters say it’s not designed to enforce a four-day school week. Instead, it gives each district more options to save money because of budget cuts or high energy costs.

Those against the idea are concerned about such things as more child care costs for parents, school days that are too long, and shortchanging special needs students.

&quot:One size does not fit all, with consolidation, that was our problem. We tried to fit everybody into the same round hole and this allows them some flexibility.&quot: Said Senator Nancy Sullivan.

&quot:These kids have to have a consistent schedule and expectations need to be consistent.&quot: Heidi Bowden is just one of the parents concerned about the plan since her daughter is autistic and relies on a set routine. &quot:And the four days on, 3 days off or if there’s a snow day, they’ll actually have 3 days on and 4 days off, I just can’t imagine that for her.&quot:

After hearing comments on Monday committee members decided to table the proposal for now.

When they address it again, they could make changes to the plan or send a recommendation to the legislature on whether or not it should be approved.