Standish Man Stabbed in Home 

Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies were called to 44 Shore Road around eight Sunday morning, after the homeowner endured six terrifying hours.

Police say 46-year-old Ephriam Bennett allegedly broke in and attacked 55 -year-old Richard Carlson while he slept in his bed knocking out several teeth.

Bennett then tied Carlson up with duct tape and beat and stabbed him twice: once in the arm, once in the back.

The ordeal didn’t end there.

Police say Bennett spent six hours in the home, even used the victim’s washing machine and dryer to clean his clothes.

After he left, at around 8 o’clock Sunday morning, Carlson was able to escape to a neighbors house and call for help.

&quot:Well, I think he’s really lucky to be alive in the since that stabbing is a very serious injury. You never know what you’re cutting when you’re plunging a knife into someone.&quot: Said Mark Dion of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department.
&quot:Second, the horror of being asleep in your home there could be no other idea of being secure than that. And to be awoken too by a masked intruder who begins pummel you in bed: it’s not anything I would hope for anyone. It is the ultimate horror show for the homeowners to have that occur.&quot:

Ephriam Bennett was arrested a short distance from the home on Shore Road as he emerged from the woods.

He is charged with elevated aggravated assault, robbery, and burglary.

He also faces an assault warrant in Scarborough in connection to a domestic incident two years ago, and is being held without bail on a fugitive from justice warrant out of North Carolina.

Police are also trying to connect him to three other burglaries in the area.

Police say the attack appears to be random, and there is no apparent connection between Bennett and Carlson.

As for Carlson, he is in stable condition at Maine Medical Center where he is being treated for stab wounds, numerous lacerations and several broken ribs.