Caleb Crosby’s Story 

”It was kind of a surprise to his teacher and students to all of us when we learned about the disease, and we think about him everyday and we pray for him everyday.” Says Tina Couturier, Winslow Elementary School Social worker, as she thinks about second grader Caleb Crosby.Caleb has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and he was given two to six months to live.”Most children have more time… He was diagnosed New Years Eve officially and they basically sent us home.. two days later we were rushing him back to the hospital because he was having trouble swallowing, he couldn’t walk at all.” Says Amanda Crosby, Caleb’s mother.Caleb’s only hope of recovery is a nontraditional treatment done by a doctor in Texas.”He uses the peptides in your blood and your urine through your own DNA to basically manufacture his own type of medication.” Crosby explains.But the treatment is about 100-thousand dollars and insurance won’t cover the cost. So the community has come together to get caleb the treatment he so desperately needs.Couturier says, “Staff and students have collected almost 1-thousand dollars. The PTO at Winslow Elementary is hosting a benefit spaghetti supper on Wednesday February 11.”The school hopes to make a large enough donation to help the family get to Texas, and help caleb start the road to recovery.”It’s gonna be a long tough ride – hopefully a long ride.” Says Crosby.Kristen LaVerghetta, WABI TV5 News, Winslow.Donations can be sent to:Bank of America33 Main StreetWaterville, ME 04901In the name of Amanda and Caleb CrosbyFor tax deductible donations:Blessed Hope Advent Christian ChurchP.O. Box 473Waterville, ME 04903Make checks out to the church and in Memo write ‘Caleb Crosby’All proceeds from fund raisers will benefit Caleb and be used to pay for his treatments.PTO Spaghetti Supper, Wednesday, February 11 – $5Pancake Breakfast, Sunday February 22, 99 Restaurant in Augusta from 7:30 to 9 a.m. – $5Bay Street Redemption in Winslow is Collecting Bottles