The Dangers of Cyberbullying 

While this technology can make life more convenient, local educators warn kids it can also get them in to trouble.

&quot:if somebody gets mad at somebody, they’ll start talking about them over text message, or over the internet, and then some people say, well, this person said something about that person, and it keeps on going, until it gets to that person that they’re talking about, and then it just gets out of hand.&quot:

In a day and age where most middle school kids have laptops and cell phones, folks at the Sebasticook Valley Middle School believe there’s a need to teach kids the dangers of cyberbullying.

&quot:particularly, we had a lot of texting going on, and as the school councilor, I’ve had to deal with the fallout, the hurt feelings and misinterpretations of that, and we realized the students needed an education on the legal ramifications and not just the personal effects.&quot:

Speakers from the Maine Attorney General’s office, Rape Response Rervices, and the Maine State Police were on hand with advice.

&quot:things that you mean as a joke, sometimes may not come across as a joke to other people who’s being talked about….their feelings can be seriously hurt, and they can come back and possibly hurt you, or get you in a lot of trouble.&quot:

&quot:I think that parents, like should realize how much trouble they could get in if like their children are like cyber-bullying other people and stuff.&quot:

&quot:no matter what you do, if you try to delete something you put online, or that you send through a text message, it cannot be erased.&quot:

The students say they’ve learned a lot. &quot:I think they didn’t realize how much trouble can come out of this, and I think it made them think twice.&quot: And the biggest lesson:

&quot:just try to think things through, before you put them online and send text messages.&quot: