Free Breakfast 

In one thirty second ad during Sunday’s Superbowl, Denny’s restaurant made an offer that America couldn’t refuse.

All anyone had to do was show up at one of the diners between 6-Tuesdayday morning and 2 in the afternoon and they’d get a free grand slam breakfast.

People were watching, and they took Denny’s up on the offer – at least in Bangor.

The line started forming well before breakfast was served.

&quot:I didn’t think it would be that busy that fast, we had a lot of kids come before they went to school this morning we had a line around the back of the building by six o’clock.&quot:

&quot:It was a shock we pulled in and I was like there’s a really long line.&quot:

And some forgot about the Grand Slam deal.

&quot:My wife reminded me she said, ‘Aren’t you going up to Denny’s for breakfast, I said Geez I forgot all about it, so it didn’t take me long to put my clothes on.&quot:

The only cost was for beverages, taxes, tip and any upgrade that customers wanted.

&quot:Can I get an order of hashbrowns&quot:

Richard Eaton is the manager of the store on Haskell Road in Bangor, to cover the rush, Eaton brought in an extra dishwasher, an extra host and three extra servers.

&quot:One order of hashbrowns!&quot:

&quot:It’s all going well the crew’s happy, the customers are happy everybody has so many patience and the food’s coming out so fast the people are being very, very generous today.&quot:

Even if they had to wait in line.

&quot:Since there is a line, yeah I’ll be here for a bit until I get free food.&quot:

It was busy and in the first three hours 600 Grand Slams were served, more than 1300 total were served.

But those working say they’d be up to doing it again.

&quot:It’s been a good day, we could do this once a week, I’d be all right with that.&quot: