Corinna Fires Keep Crews Busy 

That’s when crews were called to the Fox Dairy Farm on the Nokomis Road.

Firefighters arrived to discover the front part of a milking house covered in flames.

They were able to quickly get it under control.

All the cows made it out safely.

The barn has a metal roof, which complicated things.

There has been no word yet on a cause.

Fire crews were called back out in the afternoon.

This time to a single story home on Route 7 across from White’s Construction around 3 o’clock.

A neighbor reported seeing smoke coming from the windows, and from under the home.

Firefighters say they were able to extinguish the fire relatively quickly.

A woman and her two children lived in the home, but no one was there when the fire broke out.

Folks nearby tried to help fight the fire.

There were a number of family pets inside the home, including a snake and a bird.

We’re told all the animals made it out safely.

The state fire marshals have been called in to investigate. There has been no word yet on if the property is insured.