Winter Storm Funds Low 

The public works department in Machias is still cleaning up the snow and ice left behind.

Town manager Betsy Fitzgerald says Machias got about 8 inches of snow and about an inch and a half of ice on Wednesday.

She says the town’s 4-man crew is working around the clock.

Fitzgerald went on to say the storm created the worst possible conditions for snow removal.

&quot:What happens sometimes when it’s very cold you put sand on the road and it doesn’t do anything but blow off. You can sand a road and 20 minutes later you have no sand on it for that very reason. We have been back and back and back sanding some places.&quot:

Fitzgerald says the public works crew is exhausted, and they are still ringing up overtime. She says she isn’t sure yet what impact all this will have on the budget.

At this point the town is just hoping to have everything cleaned up from the last storm before any more bad weather comes our way.