Hazardous Waste Spill 

It happened at E.M.M.C. Family Medicine of Brewer in the Twin City plaza.

The call came in at about one o’clock Sunday afternoon.

Brewer fire captain Brent Melvin says he was alerted that there had been a spill of a chemical called Phenol, which is a corrosive.

Brewer units responded, along with the haz-mat teams from Orono and Old Town, as well as an incident command team from Bangor.

They secured the area and evacuated the building, then set up a decontamination tent.

Captain Melvin says there’s no word yet on how the spill happened, but says Phenol can be harmful if spilled.

&quot:It’s used in certain medical procedures as a cauterizing agent.&quot: Capt. Melvin told TV5 on Sunday. &quot:It spilled when the cleaning crew was working. I’m not exactly sure how at this point.&quot:

No word yet on just how much of the chemical was spilled.