Sign of Spring Cancelled 

This year, however, the show has been cancelled.

Keep Bangor Beautiful organizes the event, and the garden show acts as their major fundraiser.

Over recent years ticket sales for the garden show have gone down, and the group’s funding has run low.

Mike Dyer the director of the Bangor Civic Center, where the show is traditionally held, says that the group decided to cancel this year’s show so that they could regroup for 2010.

&quot:You set up a formula in year one and you start getting to year 17 or 18, you have to change some things around sometimes to keep relevant and current with what the public is looking for, and I think this gives them some time to do that.&quot:

The Bangor Garden Show has been running for 18 years.

It’s not the only event of it’s kind to suffer this year.

The New England Spring Flower Show in Boston has been going on for 137 years, and is significantly smaller this year.

Both flower shows hope to grow again in 2010.