School Consolidation Vote 

18 school reorganization plans were up for vote, which would effect more than 100 districts.

Voters in Brewer spoke clearly about the plan for a regional school unit in their town, rejecting it, by a vote of about 6 to 1, with a little more than 700 people voting.

The proposed R.S.U. 15 would have been one of the largest regional school districts in the state.

Glenburn and Lincoln approved their plans: Glenburn with an especially close race with 174 yes votes to 157 no.

S.A.D. #74 in Anson also approved the plan as written. But they seem to be in the minority.

Folks in the Camden area overwhelmingly rejected the plan, with 83% voting against it.

S.A.D.’s 59 &amp: 13, along with Fayette, Winthrop, and Marranacook also voted against the plan.

We’ll have more outcomes on school votes around the state for you as they become available.