Your Investment Allocation 

I meet with folks who think that there is one rule for figuring out one’s investment allocation. I disagree with that notion. There are several factors that help determine your allocation choices.

Risk tolerance- One of my earliest clients was in her 70’s and drove her motorcycle to my offce. She had a high tolerance for risk you couldn’t convince her that age should change her nature. My friend Heather, from the time she was a little thing, just four or five-years old, she would check with her Mom before she went to bed that the doors were all locked and that the bills were paid. You are who you are, and that’s okay and it’s important to understand so comfortable decisions can be made.

Goals- What are the dreams and goals that you have for this money Are you hoping to end world hunger or supplement Social Security in your retirement This will impact your investment decision.

Time horizon – When will you require your money is important factor in choosing your investments. Let’s say that you will be retiring in ten years. Will you liquidate all your money and then what Put it under the mattress Even in retirement you will probably not liquidate all your holdings. You will probably take out what you need for income for a year or two and keep the rest invested. Inflation – or how much food and other goods cost as time passes – will continue and you will want some growth of your money to keep up.

Investment philosophy – Are you a frequent trader or someone who makes investment decisions and sticks with it rebalancing each year Or do you move things as cycles change All these philosophies are appropriate and have the potential to earn their adherents money. You must choose what works for your needs.

Marion R. Syversen, MBA – President



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