School Vote 

The newly formed regional school units are supposed to have at least 2,500 students, although state education officials can approve exceptions for units with as few as 1,200.

Towns that don’t vote for a regional school unit, or an alternative plan, can lose a lot of state funding.

Education commissioner Susan Gendron hopes folks will get out and vote.

&quot:There are communities where less than 100 people have come to make this critical decision in their districts so I would encourage everyone to get the information, try and understand it.&quot: Gendron told TV5 on Monday. &quot:We absolutely believe it’s in the best interest for not only the community, but the entire state of Maine.&quot:

More than 10 plans have been rejected so far.

This weekend residents of Hermon, Levant, and Carmel voted overwhelmingly against a school consolidation plan that would have merged Hermon schools with S.A.D. #23.