Old Town Zoning 

&quot:We cannot sell our homes to families, this is not a family area here anymore.&quot:

When Gisela Rand moved to Stillwater Avenue more than 30 years ago, it was a quiet area. Now, the heavy traffic has made it dangerous for residents.

Peggy Daigle, Old Town City Manager, says &quot:There’s a safety issue with vehicles getting in and out of the residential areas and buses stopping to drop off kids or pick them up.&quot:

&quot:When you go out and somebody does stop, you get hit by the second lane, and that has happened to my neighbor with children in the car&quot: says Rand.

Those who live on Stillwater Ave between Dunkin Donuts and Bennoch Road want that part of the road to be changed from a low-density residential area to a commercial zone.

Daigle explains, &quot:This is a group of 5 residences that would like to see that zoning change.&quot: Normally, these changes would be handled by city officials, but to make zoning changes to that area of stillwater, it needs to go to a city wide referendum vote. Daigle goes on to say, &quot:If we had the opportunity to change it the regular way with the planning board and city council, chances are it’d be changed.&quot:

A zoning change would not force anyone to leave, but it would give residents the option to sell their property to businesses.

Rand hopes others in town will support her and her neighbors. &quot:And I hope they are voting commercial…It is a business strip, ya know, and in 20 years all of Stillwater Ave will be commercial, times change and change is good.&quot:

Voting will be held from eight to eight tomorrow at the Elks Club and at

The Knights Of Columbus Hall in Old Town.