Seniors in the Knox County area, can rest a little easier…

Now that the U-S Postal Service is teaming up with the Penquis agency, on a pilot program called &quot:Carrier Alert&quot:.

It’s up and running in other parts of the U-S..

It involves mail carriers who keep a watchful eye over older folks.

Seniors register with Penquis, and are given a special sticker to put in their mailboxes.

That lets mail carriers know to report anything they see that may be out of place to the Penquis Agency.

And according to Jen Brooks with Penquis, the agency would then call either the person’s emergency contact or police…

&quot:Where someone has fallen, and been down for a few days, and not been able to get to a phone, or they’ve been out of oil and have been cold…and so there have been some instances where this has really made a difference in some body’s life.&quot:&gt:

So far, eight Knox County post offices will participate, along with Penquis of Rockland.

Anyone in the Knox County area that’s interested in signing up should call Penquis at 1-800-585-1605.