A family from bangor got a boost of fuel for their bodies, and their home, all because they bought dairy…..

This winter, the Willett’s will be warmer….all thanks to chocolate milk…..

Cori Skall explains….

&quot:He drinks quite a bit of milk, and every morning…that’s the first thing he’ll have…Its like his coffee.&quot:

Joshua and Stephanie Willett, of bangor, have two young boys….

Nine-month old Colby, and 4 year old Grant….

&quot:I bought chocolate milk at the Hannaford’s right here down on Broadway.&quot:

Lucky for the Willett’s, Hannaford Brothers, and the Maine and New England dairy promotions boards, had a special treat for those buying chocolate milk during the month of november….

The &quot:refuel your body, refuel your home&quot: program…..

&quot:Whenever anybody bought chocolate milk within a hannaford brothers…a coupon printed at the front end register, telling those customers to go and enter to win.&quot:

&quot:I didn’t really pay attention to it, and i was gonna throw it away, but I thought no, I’ll hold on to it and maybe I’ll get a chance…&quot:

&quot:It seems like a lot of stuff on the receipts, but I guess its worth looking at now.&quot:

The Willetts were picked, out of almost 20-thousand people throughout new england, to win the grand prize….

&quot:The grand prize was free oil, heating oil, for a year, up to 5-thousand dollars..and we’re very excited one of our customers won that.&quot:

The free oil means a lot to this military family…..

&quot:We can provide more for the kids, do a lot of fun activities and not have to worry about the high cost of fuel, whether or not it goes up or down….just enjoy family time.&quot:

&quot:We’ll be warm this winter…very warm.&quot:

&quot:We’re a family with 2 young boys, and um, a four year old who was addicted to chocolate milk….so we’ll have more money to buy chocolate milk now.&quot:

Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.