Paul Bunyan Statue to Celebrate 50th 

Bangor’s 175th anniversary next month also

marks the 50th birthday of one of its most familiar landmarks – a

statue of legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

The 31-foot-tall statue, made of painted fiberglass over wood

and metal, was constructed in 1959 and placed in a 6-foot base on

Main Street, in front of the Bangor Auditorium.

Mayor Gerry Palmer acknowledges that some people aren’t fond of

the statue of the smiling Bunyan, who wears a red-and-black flannel

shirt and holds an ax in one hand and a peavey in the other. But

the mayor says it’s still the most photographed site in the city.

The statue’s designer, artist J. Normand Martin, says there’s

been talk over the years of moving his creation. But Martin says

the statue has lasted all these years, and &quot:This is his home.&quot:

The anniversary celebration will be Feb. 12.