Weight Watchers 

Reading packages has never been more confusing, The more we seem to &quot:learn&quot: about nutrition, the more complicated it seems to be to make smart choices in the supermarket, especially when we’re trying to reach and maintain our healthy weights!

Jackie Conn from Weight Watchers joins us today to share some tips for reading labels and making smart choices to support our goal of creating healthy weight households!

Group 1 GO FOR IT

These foods are foods that you can eat until you feel full and be

confident that you didn’t eat too many calories. Check the nutrition facts label. Look for the grams per serving and the calories per serving. Any food that has fewer calories per serving than grams is in Group 1. For example a serving of baby carrots is 85g and 35 calories. All fruits and vegetables fall into this group in their natural state. When cooked with other ingredients added (especially fat and sugar) they might not be Group 1 foods. A serving of artificially sweetened, fat free yogurt is 113g and 50 calories. These foods fit very nicely into Group 1.

Group 2 GO EASY

It’s necessary to pay attention to portions and account for the

calories. If you don’t pay attention to your fullness sign you could

eat more too much to support your weight goals. These foods have more calories than grams per serving, but the calories do not exceed the grams by more than twice as many. For example: a 4oz serving of lean beef (7% fat) is 113g and 170 calories. A serving of whole-wheat spaghetti is 140g and 174 calories. A 2/3C serving of mashed potatoes is 73g. The calories are 100. These are Group 2 foods. The calories exceed the grams but not more than twice as many calories as grams.


These foods have more than twice as many calories as grams. Some of these foods may have a lot more than twice as many. Go carefully means you enjoy these foods infrequently, but there’s no need to cut them out altogether. A Pizza Hut personal pan cheese pizza is 249g and 640 calories. Before enjoying the group 3 foods be aware that since there are so many calories per serving it’s easy to eat too many calories before recognizing you are full. If you really want to enjoy these foods without putting your weight management in jeopardy, it’s a good idea to eat small servings occasionally and not to indulge in these foods when you’re really hungry. Being too hungry when you eat foods from this group makes it easy to eat too many calories before you recognize that you’re full. It’s been found that eating a large salad or having a bowl of a clear, broth-based with vegetables and/or wild rice (not creamed) first is an effective way to be satisfied with a small serving of Group 3 foods.