Snow Con Weekend 

&quot:This is Central and Northern Maine’s Premier Gaming Convention. Lots of families coming with lots of kids, that’s been really encouraging. Especially to let new generations learn the music of gaming. Not just role playing gaming but you know collectible card gaming, table top gaming, board games, all types of games.&quot:

&quot:I think gaming is a great way to bring people together, enhance imaginations. Some games are great at developing your number skills, a whole bunch of reasons for that.&quot:

&quot:And it just kind of gets people out. Interact with other people. Strengthen the social aspect of the community&quot:

&quot:Bringing them out of their Mom’s basement and into our basement.&quot:

&quot:Different programming is happening in our event room. We had a medieval recreation group. A Star Wars costume group. All of them do demonstrations of what they do like making armor or weapons or trying to show what life was like long ago, or in a galaxy far, far away.&quot:

&quot:We play these games for fun, I play these games for fun.&quot:

&quot:The public has decreed that this will happen again next year at around the same time.&quot: