E-Mail Has Grain of Truth 

When this e-mail made it’s way to many people in the area, the Bangor Police Department began getting phone calls asking if it’s true. According to police, yes and no.

On January 11th, at the intersection of Hogan Rd. and State St., a woman thought she was rear ended when the rear windshield of her SUV exploded in. But then, when the rear drivers side window was smashed in, she knew something else was going on. She then ran the red light to escape the attack.

This is the only such case reported to police, but they are looking for the attacker.

He is described as an African-American male in is early 20’s. He was driving a dark colored SUV at the time of the attack.

If you have any information, or saw anything at that intersection around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday the 11th, please contact the Bangor Police Department at 947-7384.