Maggie’s Blood Drive 

A blood drive to help out an infant girl from Levant kicked off on Monday.

4-month-old Maggie Rudnicki needs blood transfusions almost every two weeks to stay alive.

When she was 4-weeks-old, doctors discovered she can’t make her own red blood cells.

It’s a rare disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia and Maggie may eventually need a bone marrow transplant.

For now she relies on the kindness of others.

You can help Maggie and others like her simply by rolling up your sleeve and giving the gift of life.

Maggie’s Blood Drive will be held all week long at the Maine Blood Center on Union Street in Bangor.

You can contact the center at 262-8797 for more information.

And, if you eat at Miguels Mexican restaurant in Bangor Tuesday— they’ll donate 10-percent of proceeds to help Maggie’s family.