Last Chance Ranch: Help for Horses 

In March 2004, Cathy was given the opportunity to take over her late brother’s land in Troy. This is when the dreaming of helping retired and abused horses turn toward a reality. Cathy called Mary and said &quot:let’s give it a shot&quot:, and Mary jumped at the opportunity to build the dream.

The herd has grown to eleven, electric heater buckets are installed and run-ins are up. The non-profit ranch survives on donations from the community and there are fund raisers planned to help with future funding. This past year volunteers have come to assist in raising product and funds for the first LCR Chicken BBQ. Lawn sales were held with donated items, wood cleared from pastures is being sold, soliciting outside shopping malls, and volunteer work days take place through the summer months. Those efforts resulted in monies for the first time to help purchase feed for the winter months. Although LCR is still in its infancy and has a distance to go before completion, much has been accomplished still without outside funding. An upcoming benefit dinner set up by 16 year old Mary Ricker will be held with everyone welcome to attend.

Friday, January 30 – 5:30-8PM

Carmel Elementary School

$5 Adults

$3 Children

For more information call 848-0741 or visit