Working in the Cold 

Temperatures across the state fell well below freezing the past couple of days.

Staying inside and avoiding the cold is what many people do on days like this.

But for some that’s just not an option. Including those that work out in the cold like the ones that prepare the planes for take off at Bangor International Airport.

When temps drop this low, people have to take precautions before they leave the house. But for runway workers that takes on a whole new meaning.

&quot:It’s totally different from walking out of your house. The temperature difference is unbelievable.&quot:

Wind whips through the open area creating colder temps on the runways year round.

&quot:When it’s cold and wintry, it’s even worse. It just cuts right through you. I think it takes a special type of person to be able to stay out there.&quot:

It was negative six degrees there Thursday workers have to go through special training for an airport like B-I-A like learning how to recognize
frost bite.

&quot:We tell them to dress in layers and show them pictures in the video training that this is the signs of frostbite, this is what to look for.&quot:

&quot:They don’t complain at all. They’re very very professional guys. They’ve been there for years and they know what to do.&quot:

Preparing the planes for take off takes extra effort when temperatures dip this low.

&quot:Piston engines, the Cessnas, we have to go out and pre-heat them with a portable heater, we block off all the possible escapes of hot air and the we just pump hot air into the engine.&quot:

If you think scraping your windshield is tough de-icing on a bad day, can have these guys out on the runway for almost an hour.

&quot:They are some rugged guys out there… If they survive their first winter, they’re in for the long haul and they know how to handle it.&quot: